Defensive Training

Are You Fit? How About Fit To Fight? The Four Key Attributes That Make a Difference! 3

Wake up call This chapter may serve as a wake up call to some of you. It will also be […]

The Failure Point Cycle 2

Push Till the Wheels Fall Off (taken from The Art Of Instruction- Your Complete Guide to Instructional Excellence)  The following […]

Push Till The Wheels Fall Off! 2

Push Till the Wheels Fall Off!- (taken from The Art of Instruction – Your Guide to Instructional Excellence) This material […]

If Everything Is A Priority, Nothing Is! 4

I watched the student repeat the same mistake, again!  This must have been the fourth or fifth time he attempted […]

Keyboard Commandos

Keyboard Commandos By Guest Author: Sgt Andrew Keith This article was previously published on the American Warrior Society.  Click here to […]

Defend Yourself! A Logical Look at Real Self-Defense 2

Defend Yourself! A logical look at real self defense. (a version originally published on the Personal Defense Network) Recently, I […]