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Wake Up Call- Focus On What You “Can” Do Versus “Can’t” Do 10

A repost of one I felt was VERY MUCH WORTH YOUR TIME….  (Mike S. 02-12-17) Get off your ass and […]

Defend Yourself! A Logical Look at Real Self-Defense 2

Defend Yourself! A logical look at real self defense. (a version originally published on the Personal Defense Network) Recently, I […]

New Book Release: The Low Light Fight -Shooting, Tactics, Combatives

The Low Light Fight -Shooting, Tactics, Combatives – How to win in a low-light environment Do you carry a flashlight? […]

Grizzly Attack! The Incredible Story of Todd Orr’s Survival

Hey everyone, it gives me chills to write this post.  If you are on social media or have watched the […]