Specialized Training

Push Till The Wheels Fall Off! 2

Push Till the Wheels Fall Off!- (taken from The Art of Instruction – Your Guide to Instructional Excellence) This material […]

Knife Stopping Power – Key Facts You Need To Know! 5

For those of you that regularly read the blog, you know that 99% of all posts are written by me. […]

Taking a Training Class SOONER! 6

Full disclosure (as always):  I am a full time professional trainer (and shooter) and I make $$ teaching classes.   […]

Self-Limiting Assumptions

I watched the second of my two revolver shooters slowly pull the trigger to the rear, strong hand only, and […]

Part 2- of Shooting Moving Targets

If you remember Part 1 of this article I covered general principles of all types of activator targets, and how […]