2021 Training Classes!

Hey Everyone!

Reminder: You only have until January 31st to use the “spring15” discount code for a 15% discount on class tuition!

Ammunition:If you are worried about ammo shortages, sign up! If for some reason you can’t get ammunition you can opt out of class for a full refund (minimum of 30 days before class start) and we will waive the admin fee!

This class starts next week, AWS and ACSS members get $100 off and everyone can use the spring discount for 15% off:  Defensive Handgun Skills

In addition, we have:

Click here to browse all classes.  On the class homepage, you can select the genre of your choice, and then a list of the classes will appear.  They are normally sorted by date, but you can also change that (upper right sort function).  If you are looking for a repeat class near you, use the search bar to find your town or state.  
I look forward to training with you! 
Until Then – Train Hard!
-Mike S. 
“I make guns happier by ensuring their owners are well trained.”

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