Competition Training

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Are you Violating Key Training Program Principles?

Taken from Your Competition Handgun Training Program and the USPSA Mastery Program In order for this or any program to be effective, it must follow certain principles.  Are you violating any […]

Goal Setting for Greatness

Reprinted from Your Competition Handgun Training Program Goal Setting for Greatness. So it’s January 2010 and off we go into a new year!  Something that every successful person that I have […]

PCC Anyone? Control It Like A Pro!

Reprint with permission from IDPA Tactical Journal If you watch today’s top-level PCC shooters, they are truly taking the skill of speed shooting to the next level.  It is almost […]

Spring Training: 3 Keys to Transitioning to Live Fire

Spring is COMING! Even though is it just February, it will soon be time to hit the competition circuit. This article till help you transition from dry fire to live fire. If you missed the Dry Fire article published earlier…read it first

Zero to Hero Training Programs

One of my students recently said it best: “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know”  This particular student, and avid shooter and concealed carry holder had no idea how unprepared […]