Frequently Asked Questions

The Following FAQ’s are provided to help answer your questions. They are the common questions we get in regards to taking a training class.

  1. Can I ship ammunition to your location.
    1. Answer:  Yes, if you are taking a class at the Oklahoma range, you can ship ammunition for us to hold until your class starts.  Please email for the shipping address.
    2. Additionally we recommend purchasing ammunition locally at 2A Shooting Center, they have a large selection of ammunition and supplies.
  2. Can you recommend a hotel near the range.
    1. Answer:  Yes, range location and recommend hotels can be found here.
  3. How do I know when I should purchase my flight/hotel before class?
    1. Classes run as long as the minimum number of students is met, and barring any weather related emergencies.   We recommend purchasing your travel a reasonable timeframe before class starts, but highly recommend that you check your class first.  If you visit the Shooting-Performance training class you are taking there will be a small message at the bottom of the class that says “will run” indicating the class minimum is met.
  4. Who will be teaching my class?
    1. Mike Seeklander teaches all classes unless otherwise listed (rare).
  5. Something happened and I need to back out of class, do I get a refund?
    1. You can read the class registration/cancellation rules here> CLASS RULES

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