IDPA-USPSA practice routine # 1 Draw 2

Set up a 7/14 yard IDPA target (substitute with USPSA is desired)
Gun- loaded to division capacity (10 round mags at 3 is 30 per string total and with the two groups this is a 250 round training session)
Focus- Draw (all variants)

**Repeat any stages where you drop more than 5 points (actual value) 
Strings as follows:

String 1- extend 1 shot @ 7, one shot @ 14, on one shot on each 7/14

– 10 dry fire extensions

String 2- draw two shots each target near to far

– 10 dry fire draws to close

String 3- draw two shots each target far to near

– 10 dry fire draws to far

String 4- draw two shots on each string hand

– 10 dry fire draws to close SH only

String 5- draw transfer/ two shots on each support hand 

– 10 dry fire draws to close SUP hand only 

String 6- face 2-10 on a clock, pivot draw /two shots on each 

– 10 dry fire draws from pivot (pick a direction)

String 7- stepping L/R draw and fire two shots each. Shoot the one you are stepping toward first 

– 10 dry fire draws stepping L/R

String 8- Moving draw/ draw and fire two on each moving forward/ repeat moving backward ((from where you stopped) 

Last string- two slow fire groups 5 shots each, one on each target
Assess and take notes on session

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      I load three magazines of 10, go through the string until I am empty. Then I go through the dry-fire repetitions. Thanks for reading!

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