Introducing: LiveFire (Mobil App)

So let me tell you a story. About a year ago a buddy of mine approached me and told me he had been in a conversation with two app designers that were on to something big in the firearms training technology sector. He told me that they were building something unique and looking for investors and I should meet them.

So I blew them off! Completely ignored the meeting request. But fast forward about a year to this March and my buddy tells me that they want to meet me again and that they have a product they wanted to show me. This time I followed through and am pretty happy I did. What I saw (even at its infant stage) blew my mind. Finally, someone created something that would make it easy to find, use, track, and connect in the firearms space. Check out the slideshow below, or the video on the bottom of the page.

Anyway, the meeting moved on to my content, where I logged in and showed the team what I had generated over the last five years. And I blew their minds. They had no idea that someone had created high quality session by session training programs for both the defensive and competitive environments for handgun, rifle, and carbine (pistol calibre). After the meeting we realized that some force of nature had brought my content and their content platform together. The unique thing was we both had the same goal: to reach millions of gun owners and help them improve and connect.

So what is LiveFire?

The short answer: a brilliantly designed app with…(or check out the video below):

  • An amazing Training Content Interface and content from top instructors. Yes, a bunch of the content is from yours truly, but we also have world-class instructional content coming from other instructors like Ernest Langdon and many more!
  • Advanced live fire and dry fire logging processes. This alone is worth the price of the app. As I write this in June 2021, we are planning on the next release of an even more improved logbook function, and it will blow your mind!
  • A built-in repetitive PAR timer designed to dramatically improve your dry fire experience. You have to see this in action to believe it! Basically, you set a PAR time, number of repetitions, and reset time (the time it takes you to get your gun ready for the next rep) and the app runs you through a full workout with your gun!
  • Messaging and Social network features designed to motivate you and allow you to connect with like-minded users. This is HUGE! A social connection specifically designed to connect and motivate you by allowing you to see your community’s progress. Finally, a social connection worth having!

Shooters, I simply can’t tell you how cool this app is. It is barely a baby and yet is a game changer. It will change the way you train. We have built it for both new users and advanced shooters. Trust me on this one, you need to try it out. And wait until the next few releases, the newest features will be incredible!

Here is how to get started: 

IOS ( apple ): LiveFire on the App Store

Android: LiveFire on Google Play

Want even more? Visit LiveFire on the web

Want to watch a quick video that will show you the app? Click here

Until Then – Train Hard!

-Mike S. 

“I make guns happier by ensuring their owners are well trained.”

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