Knowledge is NOT power.

Is knowledge power? I think not. In the end, only knowledge combined with action will get you the results allowing you to accomplish what you desire.

What do you desire? Seek the necessary knowledge, and only that knowledge as more is not necessary. Then act on that information as needed to succeed.

Once you have satisfied yourself, look toward your next task and repeat the process.

I wrote that quote/paragraph after spending some time with some experts and reflecting on the fact that there are people that I know who are incredibly knowledgeable yet lack anywhere near the skill they could have.  They key is that all knowledge must be accompanied by the work, or the “reps” for lack of a better term.

There are several good books written in recent years that clearly looked at the difference between top performers and the very best, and you know what the difference was?  VOLUME OF WORK!   It is that simple, those that worked more got better.  You have 1000 hours of practice time and I have 2000 hours, it’s likely I will be better.  As the gap grows, the more significant my lead would be.

Now, I am not saying that JUST the work is the key, and that is where the knowledge part comes in.  Remember, the point is not that knowledge is not necessary, rather quite the opposite.  It’s just that knowledge without action (the reps) is just information.   Information doesn’t DO anything.  It just exists.

So I would ask you to ask yourself, have you done the reps?  If not, why not?!


Until Then – Train Hard!

Mike S. 

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