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Don’t Bring a Jiu-Jitsu to a Gunfight!

Have you ever heard the saying, “don’t bring a knife to a gunfight?” Of course, you have. Well, this one is similar. I am calling you out!

PCC Anyone? Control It Like A Pro!

Reprint with permission from IDPA Tactical Journal If you watch today’s top-level PCC shooters, they are truly taking the skill of speed shooting to the next level.  It is almost unbelievable how fast, and accurate they are running these guns.  This article will give you some key tips to shooting your PCC as good as […]

Steel Challenge (world speed shooting championships) Training Tips

Take from Your Competition Handgun Training Program (cross training section)- Steel Challenge – The Steel Challenge (SC) is the world speed shooting championship and has been held all over the U.S.  This is an all-steel match with 7 stages and 5 targets on each stage, all consisting of round or rectangle steel plates set up […]

Seven (7) Key Trauma Management Tips and Tools For the Armed Individual

By: Bill Lewitt. (reprinted from The Art Of Instruction) In the following material Bill Lewitt does an excellent job discussing trauma management and the various life saving devices that are on the market that can be used by an instructor in a situation where there might be an injury on the range.   Keep in mind […]

The Difference Between Being a Great Shooter and Great Competitor

There are many good shooters. There are much fewer good competitors. This article will discuss the difference. I’ll say up front that I don’t consider myself a great competitor…at least not yet. I have had moments in recent years where I was, but I am not near my full potential. I do believe that I […]

Scoring Your Best vs. Shooting Your Best

Reprint from IDPA Tactical Journal with permission. I came off the last stage of the match in much dismay.  You see, I had a little match wager going with my buddy Bob B. (you know who you are) at a recent I.D.P.A. match.  The game to that point had been points alone, since we were of slightly […]

The Handgun Skills Triad – The Key to High Performance Shooting

The Key to High Performance Shooting This article has some key points that are certainly outside of the “box” for some of you that are locked into traditional handgun shooting methods. But, these points might help make you a dramatically better handgun shooter, and elevate your understanding of how to shoot faster and more accurate.  Some […]

Four Key Systematic Drills for Handgun Skill Developement

A Four Drill System to Make You a Dramatically Better Shooter. I am going to give you a measurable, simple, four drill progressive training program for concealed carry shooting skill improvement.  But before I begin my article, let us develop an air of honesty between us.  I will break traditional writing rules here for a […]

One-Handed Survival Shooting Techniques – Necessary or Fluff?

Training with one hand is often referred to as “wounded shooter training”.  Is this always the case?  Read more to find out…   Last week’s Facebook LIVE discussion covered one-handed survival manipulation; a subject I took a liking to long ago. When I was instructing with the Federal Air Marshal Firearms program, I was tasked with putting together […]


And what will you do if you are? Warning: This article may make you and your friends feel guilty if you have not been practicing with your carry gun. Feel free to share it and make others feel guilty as well. 🙂 Somewhere in the U.S., a concealed carry class graduated this weekend and a […]

Write Your Own Book!

Why read someone else book, when you can likely write your own! Successful people read, a LOT! I personally feel one of the things that has allowed me to accomplish what I have is the time I have spent reading. That said, I think it is easy to fall into the trap of always looking […]