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One-Handed Survival Shooting Techniques – Necessary or Fluff?

Training with one hand is often referred to as “wounded shooter training”.  Is this always the case?  Read more to find out…   Last week’s Facebook LIVE discussion covered one-handed survival manipulation; a subject I took a liking to long ago. When I was instructing with the Federal Air Marshal Firearms program, I was tasked with putting together […]


And what will you do if you are? Warning: This article may make you and your friends feel guilty if you have not been practicing with your carry gun. Feel free to share it and make others feel guilty as well. 🙂 Somewhere in the U.S., a concealed carry class graduated this weekend and a […]

Write Your Own Book!

Why read someone else book, when you can likely write your own! Successful people read, a LOT! I personally feel one of the things that has allowed me to accomplish what I have is the time I have spent reading. That said, I think it is easy to fall into the trap of always looking […]

Spring Training: 3 Keys to Transitioning to Live Fire

Spring is COMING! Even though is it just February, it will soon be time to hit the competition circuit. This article till help you transition from dry fire to live fire. If you missed the Dry Fire article published earlier…read it first

Home Invasion! Grab The Defensive Rifle- Dead Trigger….What The Hell Do You Do Now??

The Why’s and How’s of Transitioning to a Secondary Weapon The Dead Trigger and Transition (From the book Your Defensive Rifle Training Program) What the heck is a dead trigger?  Let’s define that term first:  Anytime you pull the trigger and expect it to go bang, and it doesn’t, that is a dead trigger.  If […]

6 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Recoil Control With A Handgun

A new and improved version of an oldie…I added several key items in this article that will really drive your skill to the next level.  I have spent literally thousands of hours working on my grip (handgun).  Here is what I have learned. There are SIX simple things that will dramatically improve your ability to […]

Prepared to Win Vs. Guaranteed to Win

Which would you rather be? Most of you will answer, of course, “guaranteed to win.” I submit to you however, there is no such thing. I know, some will say “if you do the work,” “prepare to the point you can not fail,” etc. etc., but the reality is you are never guaranteed to win. […]

Top 9 Mistakes I See Training Classes

Reprint with permission from the IDPA Tactical Journal (authored by Mike Seeklander). I want to spend a little bit of time and share with you the top 9 mistakes I see it most of my training classes. Now keep in mind these mistakes are not all shooting related mistakes, but they are all things that […]

Are Goals The Answer Part 3

The paragraph below changed my life! Now, if you have not read part 1 and 2 in my blog, please do. I am NOT saying that goals themselves are bad. It is just how you should approach them that can have life altering consequences. Please read the quote below, I will comment more at the […]

Are Goals The Answer Part 2

This is part two of a discussion about goals. Once again, drawing from a recent read, I wanted to expand a bit on the below quote. I once heard a great champion say that winning was only momentary. It is true. IF you reach your goal (we will talk about that pitfall in Part 3), […]

Are Goals the Answer?

I think not. For years the “gurus” have told us to A. set goals, and B. write them down. That coupled with some healthy visualization of the new you when you reach your goal was supposed to bring us to the holy grail of success. But a recent read has opened my eyes to a […]

Daily Dry Fire Challenge Your Secret Weapon

Reprint with permission, IDPA Tactical Journal Okay, so you are going to hate me.  Or maybe you will end up loving me…but either way I am going to challenge you to do something that will dramatically improve your shooting skill this year.   So what’s the catch?  There isn’t one!  This concept is A. Free, B. Can be done almost […]