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Find Your Speed – The Three Keys

Have you ever shot a stage only to wonder how in the world your local master beat you by four seconds? You shot the stage as good as you possibly could have, and have been working a bunch in your dry fire and practice sessions. Where could that time be? How is it possible for […]

The Three Golden Rules

I don’t know why I had not heard it put as simply and succinctly than I did from Sgt Don Jones in the Knoxville Police Academy, but I had not. He gave us a success speech early in our first week, and said if we followed his golden rules we would succeed on the streets. […]

Are you Violating Key Training Program Principles?

Taken from Your Competition Handgun Training Program and the USPSA Mastery Program In order for this or any program to be effective, it must follow certain principles.  Are you violating any of these key principles? Training drills must be designed correctly.  This is the first validation of your program.  It couldn’t be more simple, but this is often […]

It’s NOT your Trigger Control

Have you heard any of these? “Trigger control is the most important part of shooting.” “He doesn’t know how to pull the trigger, that’s why he missed.” “She missed because she jerked the trigger!” “Squeeze the trigger slow…let it surprise you when the gun goes off”

Training Smart Vs. Hard

Finding and Cultivating Your Inner Drive “If it’s not raining, we’re not training!” “Pain is weakness leaving the body!!” “The more you bleed in training, the less you bleed in war!?” “There is no such thing as overtraining, just under-recovery” Why do we say these things? You have to admit, they all sound uniquely stupid! […]

Goal Setting for Greatness

Reprinted from Your Competition Handgun Training Program Goal Setting for Greatness. So it’s January 2010 and off we go into a new year!  Something that every successful person that I have ever met does is have goals.  This article will give you some specific guidance on goal types and how to set them.   Setting your goals. There is […]

Don’t Bring a Jiu-Jitsu to a Gunfight!

Have you ever heard the saying, “don’t bring a knife to a gunfight?” Of course, you have. Well, this one is similar. I am calling you out!

PCC Anyone? Control It Like A Pro!

Reprint with permission from IDPA Tactical Journal If you watch today’s top-level PCC shooters, they are truly taking the skill of speed shooting to the next level.  It is almost unbelievable how fast, and accurate they are running these guns.  This article will give you some key tips for shooting your PCC as good as […]

Steel Challenge (world speed shooting championships) Training Tips

Take from Your Competition Handgun Training Program (cross training section)- Steel Challenge – The Steel Challenge (SC) is the world speed shooting championship and has been held all over the U.S.  This is an all-steel match with 7 stages and 5 targets on each stage, all consisting of round or rectangle steel plates set up […]

Seven (7) Key Trauma Management Tips and Tools For the Armed Individual

By: Bill Lewitt. (reprinted from The Art Of Instruction) In the following material Bill Lewitt does an excellent job discussing trauma management and the various life saving devices that are on the market that can be used by an instructor in a situation where there might be an injury on the range.   Keep in mind […]

The Difference Between Being a Great Shooter and Great Competitor

There are many good shooters. There are much fewer good competitors. This article will discuss the difference. I’ll say up front that I don’t consider myself a great competitor…at least not yet. I have had moments in recent years where I was, but I am not near my full potential. I do believe that I […]