Perform Better – Live Better Tip #3


“Problems and worries fall into three categories. One are those that we can do nothing about. Two are those which resolve Site Logo Squarethemselves regardless of our worry. And the third and final group of problems or worries are those that we can affect with our actions. These are the problems where we should focus our energy. Our energy will turn these unproductive worries into productive areas of concern.”

I read this quote bothered by a bunch of “possible” problems and small things that had me worried about an upcoming venture.  If you have some if your own, the following action steps will really help you break through!

Action steps:
1.  Write each problem causing anguish and stress down on a piece of paper on the left hand side.  Make sure you write anything down that is bothering you.
2.  Next to each problem on the right side, write down anything you can directly do to effect the problem.  These must not be items you want to do, but can actually do to change the problem.  Take a big black marker and draw a line through any problem  you can’t directly effect.
3.  Look at each one left over, and prioritize each problem by time.  A current problem must be placed in front of a potential future problem.  Number your problem list.
4.  Attack number 1 and do not move to the next until it is fixed.

It is likely however… That after assessing what is causing you anxiety, your problem list will be very short.

Excerpt From: Stovall, Jim. “Wisdom for Winners.” Destiny Image® Publishers, Inc. iBooks.
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Until Then – Train Hard!

Mike S.