Seven Week Concealed Carry Program

A simple, highly effective handgun training program for you to use and share!

This program is a simple yet highly efficient program that will help you improve your handgun shooting skills a bunch if you put the effort in.  That said, one thing that you need to understand is that when you train/practice you are in essence writing programs into your brain (the software) that you will later be able to execute on demand.  This requires that A. you do enough repetitions, and B. you do them properly. 

Now this particular article is not designed to be specific about the technique you are going to be working on, but rather lays our the “programming” you will follow to practice your skills.  Since it focuses on programming, I want to give you a free resource (videos and the drills) to watch so that you can make sure you are practicing the proper technique.  You can find that here:  Join Pro Tips (free). Once you sign in, scroll to the train at home and hit the range handgun programs and watch the videos on grip, stance, etc.

Let’s talk programming, specifically the program you are going to follow.  As a reminder, I am going to assign you three dry fire drills per week that you can do basically anywhere, anytime as long as you follow all safety rules (NO ammunition or loaded weapons near your dry fire area!), and one live fire session per week.  The relationship of the dry fire and live fire training is that you will be repeating the exact same drills in your live fire session that you did in the dry fire sessions, to keep things simple and easy to remember.   Keep in mind, that these are recommendations and you can add and do more if you so desire.  

In the following chart I will break down your week by week training sessions and the drills in each week.  You will notice that your live fire consists of the three drills that mimic the dry fire drills you have already done.  One more thing, remember that when you are doing your dry fire practice, it is imperative that you pay attention to performing perfect repetitions. For example if during your dry work you fail to apply the same pressure you would use during live fire, then are ingraining the skill of under gripping the gun!  Make sure you ingrain he proper skills.  Okay, on to the programming:

SessionDry Fire Drills (1)Live Fire Drills (2)
Note: The Five Shot group drill should be shot before each live fire training session. 
1EPP Two Hands
2EPP One Hand
3EPP One and Two Hands
4Tap-Rack Manipulation
5Stationary Draw
6Stationary Draw (with malfunctions)
7Pivoting Draw
8Stationary Emergency RL
9Stationary Emergency RL
10Phase I Malfunction
11Stepping Draw
12Pivoting Draw
13Phase II Malfunction
14Clearing Draw
15Stepping Draw
16Stepping Reload
17Stepping Phase 1
18Practice the 5×5 Handgun Skills Stages
Post-TestN/A5×5 Skills Test 

So now that you have seen the programming, there are a few more things I want to remind you of.  First, you need to be mentally present during each practice session.  Shut the phone off and really focus on what you are doing.  Second, make sure you completely understand the technique you are practicing.  I STRONGLY suggest watching the technique videos before you start so you know what to focus on.  Keep in mind that the videos show me performing the 5×5 skills test and working through each technique, but the drills in your hand out are very specific.  I suggest doing the drills exactly as written so you have a reference when you repeat them.  

Some frequently asked questions and answers:

  1. Can I modify the drills?  Answer:  Yes, but I STRONGLY recommend you go through the program as written first, then modify them as needed based on your end results.
  2. How much better will this program make me?  Answer:  That completely depends on how much effort you put into it!  Most shooters that actually follow a structured program realize big improvements simple because they are taking the time to practice. 
  3. How long should each practice session take?  Answer: Dry fire sessions should be done in 15-30 minutes, and live fire sessions should be done in 1-2 hours. 
  4. Should I practice the drills with my carry gear, or range holster?  Answer:  Do you really have to ask that?  TRAIN LIKE YOU FIGHT!
  5. Is Mike Seeklander really as awesome as everyone thinks?  Answer:  Of course 🙂 

All you need now is the desire to improve and to take action on what you know.  Remember, as famous swordsman Musashi said “The Way is Training,” so get your stuff on and get some work done.   Action beats intent every single time!  

P.S. Please share this one on social or others. If we can help make someone a better and safer shooter, that helps us both!

Until Then – Train Hard! 

Mike S. 

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