The Daily Dry-Fire Challenge

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Join world class professional shooter and instructor Mike Seeklander each morning in the daily dry-fire challenge and DRAMATICALLY improve your gun handling skills! 

  • Safety:  Before you do anything, watch the SAFETY RULES video first!  This is mandatory, please leave the site if you do not wish to comply.
  • What’s the D.D.C.?: The DDC (Daily Dry-Fire Challenge) is a live video feed where Mike Seeklander teaches you a firearm skill with a dry fire drill.  Think Crossfit for shooting!  All of the drills come from programs that area all accessible in either my American Warrior Society or American Competitive Shooting Society.
  • Schedule: We begin at 6:30 a.m. central time on the Shooting-Performance Facebook page.   The DDC is live three to five days a week depending on the season and the subject and gear required is posted on the Facebook page as well as on Shooting-Performance Training Addicts group the night before.
  • Getting Started: To get set up, simply visit my facebook page and send me this message: “I want to join the daily dry fire challenge,” to which you will receive an automated reply that will walk you through the process of getting notifications and access to the replays.
  • Watch Replays: And speaking of replays, if you are new to the DDC please consider watching some of the replays and starting near the beginning.
  • Of course every one of you should check out the training videos (look up at the menu….yep, right there under Videos!).   They say a picture is worth a thousand words….which means that video is worth tens of thousands!
  • Lastly, check out the key resources page and visit the sites  and advertisers linked to on this site.   Each site sponsor, link, or advertiser is someone that makes or distributes information or products we trust, so check them out!

We will close with this…in a world where guns are evil and people have refused to take responsibility for their own safety, you make the difference.   Thank you for believing in the right to own firearms for sport or self-protection, and we hope to have helped you become a better shooter!!

Until Then – Train Hard!

Mike S.