What’s Your Plan?

Really, what is it? Heading to the range today, tomorrow…this weekend? What are you going to work on when you get there?

Hitting the gym or home fitness studio this week? What is your goal? What are your weaknesses?

I ask because the single most important thing you can have before doing something is a solid plan of attack. I admit Your Honor, I am guilty. The easy road is to make/take the time to practice (or train, use whatever word you like) with no plan. The harder one is to use the mental bandwidth to assess your current skills, determine your weaknesses, and come up with a dedicated plan to fix them.

It seems that Instagram motivators today have similar messages: “Just show up!” While I agree that is a very important concept, it only works for an instructor lead classes, like an Atomic Athlete workout. A self-guided session like a home gym workout or range session must be planned in advance. I am not talking about a three-page essay, just a goal-driven idea of what you plan to work on that day.

You know that time is valuable. So is ammo. So stop just “showing up” in your shooting, workout, combatives sessions. Stop being a lazy a$$ and take a moment to list your goal, weaknesses, and build a simple plan to address them. Plug your ideas into a calendar, and begin your journey.

So I’ll ask you again if you are headed to the range, gym, mats…what is your plan? If you don’t have one, slap yourself for wasting your time and make one! The single most important thing to do before you practice/train is to develop a plan. In my next post, I will tell you the single most important thing you can do while executing your plan.

Until Then – Train Hard!

Mike S.

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