You Already Know

I suspect that most of us at a certain age already know what we need to know. What do I mean? I mean, that if you have reached a certain age (not specific), are someone who is constantly reading, watching, and trying to improve your game (or life) then you are likely armed with what you need to be your best.

This short article is NOT meant to dissuade you from seeking more knowledge, but instead to motivate you to look at what you already know and start applying it. I am guilty…very guilty of a constant search of knowledge. I do so in a way where I think I am going to find the secret answer I have been looking for. I search for that answer in all things I do in life, shooting, fitness, business, mental performance, etc.

But what I have come to realize lately, is that I already know most of what I need to know to succeed in most areas. It is possible that you do as well. The problem is in the application of that knowledge, in a disciplined manner that will drive results. I suspect that many of us are constantly seeking more simply out of habit, or because we are bored. This really comes to play with the social media connections we now have in our lives. Youtube plays to this weakness to make millions of dollars by popping up the newest “three keys to…blah blah” video as you are watching what you are watching. Speaking of that, how often to you finish the video you started? I bet rarely…because you are distracted, and the shiny new video pops into the sidebar, sucking you in.

So what am I recommending? Simple, really. A honest assessment of what you already know, and can start applying NOW. And a look at what you actually do need to seek more on, with a laser focus on that. Let me give you some examples of things that you already know, but might not be doing:

I want to improve my sleep: Stop drinking caffeinated beverages after 3 p.m., limit your TV/screen time an hour before bedtime, cut back on the booze in the evenings, completely darken your room, set the temperature lower, get comfortable in bed (or buy a better one), and read some stress free fiction (non-business) until you get tired.

I want to lose weight: Eat less, exercise more, do a 16+ hour fast one-two times a week, cut sugar and increase clean foods high in protein, be consistent.

I want to market my product or business better: Build awesome stuff or provide awesome services (why do you think the iPhone is so well sold), treat people like you want to be treated, take three seconds to figure out your customer and find them.

Or how about some other goals:

I want to perform better in my club matches: Practice! Schedule practice time like a work event, leverage dry-fire to perfect manipulations, FOLLOW the program that you already own (for my members), get in better physical shape, fix gear that is not performing as it should.

I want to be stronger: Lift heavy weights

I want to be faster: Lose weight and get stronger

My point is that we know what we need to do, and often times how to do it to accomplish our goal. So what should you be searching for in terms of knowledge? Well, you know that too. What can you honestly not provide an answer for. List the “I have no idea how to’s” that relate to your goals down on a piece of paper and start seeking out that knowledge. Then apply it.

Lastly, beware of the many guru’s trap. It is easy in this day and age, filled with experts on every social or internet platform to get stuck trying to follow many different guru’s. If you are really trying to improve on something, find one that A. you like, B. has done what you are tying to do, and C. is good at relaying information and follow that one guru until you truly have a need for something new. Searching for something new everytime you hit the internet is not smart, it simply means you are borded or too undisciplined to spend that time working.

Remember, if everything is a priority, then nothing is. Keep this in mind. Set your sights on one or two primary new things/goals. Seek knowledge you might lack. Apply knowledge you already have. Stop looking for the magic bullet.

Until Then – Train Hard!

Mike S.

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