Write Your Own Book!

Why read someone else book, when you can likely write your own!

Successful people read, a LOT! I personally feel one of the things that has allowed me to accomplish what I have is the time I have spent reading. That said, I think it is easy to fall into the trap of always looking for some solution in a book (or podcast, or anything external source) to life’s problems.  I had a recent slap in the face prompted by David Goggins (retired SEAL, author) that really woke me up.  In a motivational videos that I found on YouTube, David makes the eye-opening statement, “write your own book!” In a time when we rely so much on the external for answers, what a bold statement! I love it!

It’s your life, and, likely you have some experiences and know exactly what has led to successes or failures in your life up to this point.  So instead of constantly reading and looking at someone else to lead you, why not apply what you already know.  You know you best right?  So why not write your own book, it’s your life!  

So why are we so reliant on finding the answers from someone else? I think 99% of what we do is based on habits.  It is a habit (and a good one, to a point) to read and research and seek knowledge. The issue is when we forget that what we learn, A. needs to be applied, and B. is useless unless we act on the material.  Seeking knowledge without applying it is a waste of time.

Personally, I know exactly what I need to do to succeed in whatever direction I choose to go, but I have found myself continuing to seek knowledge somewhere else. As Goggins says, I NEED TO WRITE MY OWN BOOK!  Not literally, but figuratively.  Well, maybe even literally! I have the knowledge, as do you. It is up to us to write our own book of success, and then follow the advice in it.

I am not sure about you, but I find myself constantly seeking some hidden answer when instead I need to catalog what I already know, and come up with a plan to most effectively use the knowledge I have to be a better athlete, businessman, husband, etc.  Don’t misunderstand me, I am NOT saying that you (or I) should stop reading and seeking knowledge.  I am simply saying that most of us are probably ready to write our own success story, rather than follow someone else’s. 

You might start by answering the following (and acting on what you find):

  1. What have you learned about work/business that you know will make you more successful, that you have not followed through with?  APPLY IT!
  2. What have you learned about fitness, that works for you, that you are not yet applying?    APPLY IT!
  3. What have you learned about your sleeping, waking, and daily habits that you know make you a peak performer on any given day, that you have not applied consistently?  APPLY IT!
  4. What have you learned about your body and what nutrition makes it run like a well oiled machine that you are not applying daily?  APPLY IT!
  5. What have you learned about your sport, hobbies, or passion (shooting, fighting, chess, whatever) in terms of how to be the best you can be that you are not applying daily??  APPLY IT!
  6. What have you learned about human relationships that would make yours better that you have not applied?  APPLY IT!

The point is I believe that we could all write our own chapters that apply to all of the areas of our lives and can start applying what we know today.  In many cases, we don’t need anyone else’s book, we simply need to write our own, and then follow it.  How do you literally apply my advice?  Simple, I suggest you set up a cycle of A. seeking knowledge, and B. systematically applying it.  

Don’t let yourself get stuck in a knowledge seeking rut, because while it may seem  like you are doing something positive, in the end you just add more static to your already cluttered brain.  Instead, force yourself to apply what you learn, or discard it on a regular basis.  Take one week a month where you build an action list that can be created by taking notes while reading or listening to over the previous three weeks. Then build systems or processes (habits) from that action list.

One last thing in terms of what you should be reading/seeking knowledge on.  In your book there might be chapters that you can not write, because you do not have that information.  That lack of knowledge should guide any future reading/research.  

I will say this a second time though, I believe most of us already know what we need to do to reach our next best.  We simply need to do it!

So…when you gonna write that book??

Until Then – Train Hard!

Mike S.

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